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Agreement for section 75.
This agreement outlines the general terms between T & M Mediation group, CIF: X4774062K of San Eugenio alto, Torviscas, Costa Adeje, 38660 Santa Cruz de Tenerife ( the company ) and, the client/s signed below.
Summary of terms.
The client: The person whom is agreeing to pay the company for services.
The company: The Company is T & M mediation group.
Payments: Any agreed fees paid to the company for the provision of services.
Section 75: Any product, facility or entity covered by the said act relating to and incorporating any update of the 1974 consumer credit act.

The Agreement.
Provision of service

a) The client will not be liable for any fees or charges should the claim be unsuccessful, and in addition there will be no charges made to the client while work is being undertaken.
b) The company on agreement with the client will carry out the service of making a section 75 claim on behalf of but with the assistance on all occasions by the client for the client’s interests.
c) In respect to the provision of this service by the company, the client will pay the company for the supplied service on demand after the client has received payment from whichever institution, bank, credit supplier or card supplier or in fact third party relevant and involved with the section 75 of the consumer credit act of 1974 for the relevant and ongoing claim.

Terms of service.
a) The client agrees that all both verbal and documentary; relevant information will be supplied to the company in a timely fashion for the purpose of fulfilling the agreed service.
b) The client also agrees to permit T & M mediation group to write the appropriate letters on the client’s behalf for the attention of the relevant card/finance provider and further agree that all letters will be proof read by the client to ensure that the evidence provided within the said letters is legally and factually correct.
c) The company undertakes to their best endeavors to facilitate the agreed service in a timely fashion for the client.
d) The client and the company agree that all information with regard to the service will be treated with confidentiality during and after the service is completed. At this point the company will invoice the client for outstanding monies.
e) The client will be liable for the fee charged by the company. This fee will be quoted by the company at point of agreement signing. The company cannot be held accountable for any misinformation provided by the client.
f) On completion and payment by the relevant card/finance provider the client agrees to pay the company in no less than 3 days and no more than 14 days.
g) In the event that the client does not pay the company by the due date, without the written consent by the company, the company reserves the right to use whatever legal means necessary to collect the outstanding fees including and not limited to the use of collection agents and legal action. All costs incurred in the collection of the monies will be added to the fees and will become payable by the client. The company also reserves the right to charge interest on the monies at no more than 10% above the bank of England base rate as published 14 days after the due date of the invoice.
h) If the client accepts the 1st bank offer prior to T&M Mediation Group having the opportunity to argue for the full amount they will be liable for the percentage agreed of the full amount due.
i) The client agrees to permit T & M mediation group to continue with the service until such time that the relevant institution, bank, credit supplier or card supplier wins the dispute. If the client decides to terminate the service before all relevant avenues have been exhausted the client will be liable to pay a total of 1200 euros to T & M mediation group for their services to date. 
Charges and fees
For the provision of services of the section 75 of the consumer credit act of 1974 by the company, the client agrees to pay the sum of 25% of the total amount claimed, to the company under the terms as stated in this agreement.

I (the client) have read and agree to the above terms of service delivery as outlined in the agreement.

Your Signature