We have been successful in claiming monies back for over 21 years, with claims as old as 20 years.


RE: Mr. Nicholas Burns.

Dear Sirs,
I write in reference to the above client who was also a Tesco Credit Card Customer. 
I refer to the letter received by ourselves on 22 November 2019 that gives authorisation to T&M Mediation Group and their legal team to work directly on the customers Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act 1974 claim.
Please be advised that Tesco Bank sent a full and final settlement to the customer on 20 November 2019, 4 days before we have received your letter.
The customer signed this and returned this to Tesco Bank.  The customers payment was processed on 1 December 2019.
Please take this as confirmation that the customers dispute is now resolved and closed as they have signed our full and final settlement offer against Lion resorts for the sum of 20,246.00.

Grant Daglish
Chargeback/Section 75 Advisor
Credit Cards
t: 0141 537 3786  ext: 89118208
e: grant.daglish@i.tescobank.com
Broadway 1, 199 Renfield Street, Glasgow, G2 9FT


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Date: 21/09/2019

Card Number: XXXXXXXXXXXX9744
Transaction Details: Grand Holidays
Transaction Amount: £10,100.00
Transaction Date: 17/7/2015
I refer to our previous correspondence regarding the above transaction.
The Bank is now in a position to offer you £10,100.00, in full and final settlement of your claim under Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act 1974. 
If you do not accept this offer or you have additional information which you would like us to consider please contact me so we can discuss this further. You may wish to seek legal advice, if so please contact T&M Mediation group who have been acting on your behalf.
If this offer is acceptable to you please contact us within the next 14 days.
Unfortunately, there are a number of dishonest merchants trading in the UK and abroad. These merchants may use aggressive sales tactics to tempt customers into contracts with potentially false promises of selling their timeshare/holiday club membership.  To protect yourself you can contact Consumer Direct on 08454 040506 or +44 208 185 0710 who will be able to give you independent advice on the legitimacy of the merchant before you enter into any contracts in the future.   
 Please be advised, in addition I have today requested an interest calculation relating to this transaction. I will confirm to you in writing within 28 days any interest refund to be applied to your account and this will show on your statement.  
I look forward to receiving your reply.

Yours sincerely
Charlotte Southgate
Customer Service Adviser
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