Legal claims solicitors U.K

                                     Hertford, Hertfordshire SG14

 Legal claims U.K do not correspond on behalf of the mediators, and are appointed solely to draft legal letters, and represent the client's in court when requested.


We, Legal Claims U.K  vow to act in our capacity to every act that we may legally do as your  solicitor for the purpose of a section 75 of the consumer credit act of 1974 claim against your card providers, relinquishment against your timeshare resort, or your plastic surgery clinic.


         Legal claims U.K  are hereby assigned and authorized to keep records of all documentation of the claim, and ensure that your card providers or supplier of goods proceed legally in accordance with the practice direction, and in particular paragraph 4.


       We reserve the right to utilize T&M Mediation group S.L, and  their Spanish abogados to take whatever means necessary, and who can, and will address the Supreme Court in Madrid over the matter if your card provider or timeshare resort fails to conduct lawfully under the section 75 of the consumer credit act 1974 legislation's.


      We have the right to refer your card provider or supplier of goods to the practice direction on pre-action conduct concerning the courts powers to impose sanctions for failure to comply with practice direction, if they choose to deliberately mis-inform us of your legal rights under a section 75 of the consumer credit act of 1974.