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T&M Mediation Group S.L


We confirm that T&M Mediation group can offer you a no win no fee service.


Should you decide to become a client of ours, our company will undertake all administration and mediation work on your behalf at no cost to your-selves until such time the service is successful and has been confirmed. (Please note, card providers will confirm any reimbursement directly with the card holder, and in all instances monies would be paid directly to the client.)


   T & M Mediation group cannot legally accept monies prior to a successful claim.


Depending on the case, you would be invoiced for fees equating up to 25% of the total awarded amount for section 75 claims and the amount agreed at the time of signing for all other services. (Please note, the 25% would have been added on prior to the claim so that you would still receive back your full amount.)


Should your card provider continually refute the claim or relinquishment, T&M Mediation group may (in agreement with your-selves) opt to approach our Legal claims solicitors, Once again we can confirm that there will be no extra cost for this service, and the percentage fee above would only be applicable following conformation of an award.


Should you decide to proceed with our services, go to the appropriate survey page which would need to be filled in with as much information as possible, and the agreement page which all new clients are required to read and sign prior to work commencing. Please read the details contained in the agreement carefully, prior to signing and sending.

we will then be in touch to answer any questions you may have.




We trust that this information provided is satisfactory, but if we can be of any further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.