T&M Mediation Group have claimed thousands upon thousands of pounds back for victims of all makes of detrimental breast implants for hundreds of women across the U.K. Their full purchase price, removal's and replacement's how ever many times it had occurred, and for any other problems which have arose from the implants. If you had paid at least the deposit for your cosmetic surgery with a U.K credit card, have paperwork to show you have/had implants, and found problems or had them removed in the last 6 years. Our UK based paralegals can assist you every step of the way.

If you are part of the never ending PIPA trial this will not effect your case contrary to what you have been told.

We have professionals and paralegals who keep in regular contact with you. You can email us, call us, and even whats-app us, and there is always someone to answer you. We will not ask for any money from you, and your claim should be settled within 3 months so that you can relax and carry on with your life.

If you choose to use our assistance, our fee is 25% on a successful claim, however, we add 25% on top of the claim so that you don't pay us a penny out of your award, and in most instances we have won back more.

Fill in your contact details below, including your chosen telephone number and best time to call and someone will contact you shortly with free legal advice, alternatively you can fill out out form on 'SURVEYS & AGREEMENTS' page under medical negligence survey.

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The Manufacturer Allergan has issued a recall of

its Textured Breast Implants. Recipients of these recalled medical devices face an increased risk for developing Breast Implant Associated Large Cell Lymphoma (BIA-ALCL), and may be entitled to compensation. Learn more here about which implants have been recalled and how an experienced Allergan Breast Implants Cancer solicitor can help.

TÜV RHEINLAND certified the quality for PIP, the company that manufactured the breast implants and admitted their sale for 9 consecutive years, risking the health and lives of thousands of women around the world. The trial is now in it's ninth year with thousand and thousands of women being asked for a further whooping 500 Euros for a medical professional but still being left in the dark. PIPA are still spending a great deal of time recruiting new members when TUV 1 haven't even won the trial yet. It is concerning that from more than 11,500,000 Euros they took from the women's interim payments why they cant afford staff... where did that money go???